Executive Director
Extension 215

Susan Guevara Augusty

Public Policy Coordinator
Extension 218

Leteria Bailey

Out-of-School-Time (OST) Program Coordinator/Youth Development Community of Practice (YDCoP) Training Coordinator
Extension 222

Peter Garza

Communications Manager
Extension 219

Charlotte Gironda

Director, Administration
Extension 208

Elaine Johnson

Director, Community of Practice
Extension 204

Amy Tran

Philanthropy Fellow
Extension 206

Lise Robinson

Director, Finance and Operations 
Extension 203

Sanjuana Medellin

Accounting Manager
Extension 216

Dalbin Osorio

CWIN Program Manager
Extension 226

Elijah Wheeler Jr.

Deputy Executive Director/Social Justice Director
Extension 217

Kathy Boland

Local Care Team (LCT) Coordinator/Pathways Resource Specialist
Extension 210

Alicia Church

Office Manager
Extension 214

Jessica Gibson

Project Director 
Extension 212


Program Specialist
Extension 209

Jade-Ann Rennie

Program Manager, Public Health
Extension 207

Shane Tate

Program Manager, Out-of-School-Time Programming
Extension 213

Patti Lyman

Re-Engagement Coordinator
Extension 205

Crystal Fang

Staff Accountant 
Extension 221

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Our Mission Statement

To Promote The Well-Being Of Children, Youth And Families Through Collaborative Partnerships.