Elijah Wheeler Jr.

Executive Director
Extension 217

Susan Guevara Augusty

Program Coordinator
Extension 218

Kathy Boland

Local Care Team (LCT) Coordinator/Pathways Resource Specialist
Extension 210

Meredith Bowers

Deputy Director
Extension 208

Alycia Chuney

Project Director
Extension 209

Alicia Church

Office Manager
Extension 214

Peter Garza

Communications Manager
Extension 219

Sandy Lombardo

Director, Finance
Extension 203

Yaineababa Masresha

Zamzam Nur

Grants and Contracts Coordinator

Karina Funes-Oviedo

Program Coordinator, CWIN
Extension 226

Jayne Park

Senior Fellow of Innovation
Extension 206

Jade-Ann Rennie

Program Manager, Public Health
Extension 207

Thylan Singleton

OST Program Manager
Extension 216

Bezil Taylor

Community Engagement Specialist
Extension 225

Kurt Turnier

Program Coordinator, Youth Development, Youth & Community Programs                                    Extension 215

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To Promote The Well-Being Of Children, Youth And Families Through Collaborative Partnerships.