Key Drivers

SUMMARY: Designated as a Local Management Board, the Collaboration Council’s purpose is to be a local catalyst and nonpartisan broker of public and private dollars where agencies and other groups collaborate and invest to achieve positive results in the community.

  • Convening Partners

    • Engage leaders and convene key stakeholders
    • Create strategic alliances with a common agenda
    • Form public-private partnerships, coalitions, and focus groups
  • Assessment and Planning

    • Identify gaps in services
    • Assess community needs
    • Discover opportunities to maximize resources for the greatest impact
  • Implementing Solutions

    • Identify shared goals and common outcomes
    • Coordinate community-wide solutions and integrate services
    • Maximize funding
    • Provide contract oversight and ensure program fidelity
  • Evaluating Investments

    • Track the availability and quality of programs
    • Evaluate the collective impact of the system of services and supports
    • Monitor program performance
  • Sharing Knowledge

    • Connect professionals and share knowledge
    • Offer professional development
    • Deliver technical assistance

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Montgomery County Collaboration Council
1803 Research Blvd., Suite 208,
Rockville, Maryland, 20850 
(301) 610-0147

Our Mission Statement

To Promote The Well-Being Of Children, Youth And Families Through Collaborative Partnerships.