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  • Children with Intensive Needs

    Accessing Services—Children with Intensive Needs
    The Collaboration Council partners with agencies that deliver youth and family-driven culturally competent services and support for youth with behavioral health challenges to promote success in school, strengthen bonds in the family, and develop ways of coping and overcoming emotional and behavioral problems.

    Pathway to Services helps children and their families connect with community-based services and support in Montgomery County. Pathways works with families with Medical Assistance, private insurance, or no insurance.

    Local Care Team (LCT): The LCT is the next stop in the system of care for many families. Along with consistent family-voice representation, this interagency team of public, child-serving agencies determines how to best use local resources to keep the family intact and increase both adult and child/youth family members’ functioning. The LCT is the pathway to wraparound services in the community. It also reviews cases of children and youth who are eligible to be placed in high-cost residential programs, either in Maryland or out-of-state.

    Wraparound care: This is a strengths-based, family-driven process that puts in place an array of services and informal supports to help strengthen families and address emotional and behavioral concerns within the community. The name Wraparound reflects the way each family is wrapped in support with the help of a Care Coordinator.

    Supporting successful outcomes: In FY22, Pathways to Services received 776 calls. Of those:

    184 calls were referrals to the Local Care Team (LCT).

    There was a total of 108 LCT meetings and 35 youth were connected to JSSA’s wraparound services.

    In FY22, a total of 62 youth were served by JSSA’s wraparound services.

  • Healthy Families Montgomery (HFM)

    HFM is a voluntary home visiting service for first time parents in Montgomery County. Participants are screened for multiple stressors such as mental health/substance use concerns, limited self-sufficiency, and the experience of abuse or neglect as a child. Home visits begin with a weekly schedule for a minimum of six months post-partum and are modified as the family gains confidence and meet their goals. Families receive services for three years, and emphasis is placed on health care, child development, parenting education and support and family self-sufficiency.

    • Number of assessments conducted: 93
    • Number of families served: 89
    • Number of first-time mothers enrolled in the program: 30
    • Number of home-visits conducted: 1,045
    • There were no indicated cases of child abuse/neglect for FY’22
    • 100% of mothers who delivered in FY’22 completed postpartum care; no repeat births to teen mothers
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