Setting Priorities Grounded in Our Values

The Collaboration Council values active and authentic youth engagement, the contribution of strong families to the well-being of children, and the importance of ensuring all people have equitable opportunities to achieve success, regardless of their individual identities or social group memberships. The Collaboration Council’s current agenda is to promote access to care, ensure all youth have a successful transition to adulthood, and build equitable opportunities for all children and youth to thrive.

Access to Care

Promote access to mental health and behavioral health services for children and youth most at risk.

Youth Development

Ensure the successful transition to adulthood for all youth.

Social Justice

Build equitable opportunities for all children and youth to thrive.

Driving Change in Our Community

SUMMARY: Designated as a Local Management Board, the Collaboration Council’s purpose is to be a local catalyst and nonpartisan broker of public and private dollars where agencies and other groups collaborate and invest to achieve positive results in the community.

  • Convening Partners

    • Engage Leaders and convene key stakeholders
    • Create strategic alliances with a common agenda
    • Form public-private partnerships, coalitions, and focus groups
  • Assessment and Planning

    • Identify gaps in services
    • Assess community needs
    • Discover opportunities to maximize resources for the greatest impact
  • Implementing Solutions

    • Identify shared goals and common outcomes
    • Coordinate community-wide solutions and integrate services
    • Maximize funding
    • Provide contract oversight and ensure program fidelity
  • Evaluatiing Investments

    • Track the availability and quality of programs
    • Evaluate the collective impact of the system of services and supports
    • Monitor program performance
  • Share Knowledge

    • Connect professionals and share knowledge
    • Offer professional development
    • Deliver technical assistance

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Montgomery County Collaboration Council
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Our Mission Statement

To Promote The Well-Being Of Children, Youth And Families Through Collaborative Partnerships.