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> Children With Intensive Needs - Strategies

Our work is guided by a five-year strategic plan for Montgomery County, Maryland.

Planning Brighter Futures for Children, Youth and Families, FY 2007 – 2012 provides key strategies in each concentration area we cover.

Key Strategies for Children with Intensive Needs

About 5%-or 12,500-of Montgomery County’s 250,000 children could be classified as having intensive needs. These children are medically fragile, have significant developmental disabilities, severe emotional disabilities and /or are abusing substances. The following strategies were selected to address their needs:

Strategy 1: Implement a local access mechanism to increase timely family connection to the array of needed services

Strategy 2: Increase the use and funding of the wraparound model to provide effective service delivery in the home and community

Strategy 3: Increase access to high-quality behavioral health treatment services regardless of insurance coverage

Strategy 4: Increase the types and capacity of respite care service options

Strategy 5: Increase local, collaborative flexible funding for service delivery across child-serving systems to create a system of care

Strategy 6: Increase the use of evidence-based practice intervention and treatment approaches