Access to Care

Access to Care

Promote access to mental health and behavioral health services for children and youth most at risk.

Access to Care

  • Children with Intensive Needs

    Accessing Services—Children with Intensive Needs The Collaboration Council partners with agencies that deliver youth and family- driven culturally competent services and supports for youth with behavioral health challenges to promote success in school, strengthen bonds in the family, and develop ways of coping and overcoming emotional and behavioral problems.

    Pathway to Services helps children with these needs get connected to the right services and supports. The Local Care Team gathers representatives from agencies across the County to recommend options for these families. The Federation of Families’ trained Family Navigator helps parents better advocate for their children. And the YMCA offers care coordination in a year-long wraparound program.

    Local Care Team: The LCT is the next stop in the system of care for many families. As an interagency team of public child-serving agencies along with consistent family-voice representation, the members problem solve how to best use local resources to keep the family intact and increase both adult and child/youth family members’ functioning. The LCT is the pathway to wraparound services in the community. It also reviews cases of children and youth that meet eligibility to be placed in high cost residential programs in-state or out-of-state.

    Wraparound:This is a strengths-based family driven process that puts in place an array of services and informal supports that help strengthen families and addresses emotional and behavioral concerns within the community. Basically, your family is wrapped in supports with the help of a Care Coordinator.

    Outcomes: In FY16, Pathways to Services received 450 calls. 75% were given referrals to community resources. 80% of calls reported they were satisfied with the referral and 85% reported increased confidence and competence in addressing future needs.

    Of the 152 cases reviewed by the Local Care Team, 64 were connected to the YMCA’s wraparound services; 75% had no critical incidents during service; 90% did not engage in delinquent behaviors; and, 88% did not enter an acute psychiatric placement.
  • Bridges to the Future

    Hello youth, family, and providers. Bridges to the Future is the new Montgomery County initiative to expand, enhance, and sustain its longstanding System of Care for children and youth with mental health challenges and their families. It is designed to meet the complex needs of youth and young adults transitioning into adulthood, ages 16-21. This initiative will develop a system of comprehensive, integrated services and supports to “bridge” the gap between children’s mental health to adult mental health and related systems including education, training, vocational rehabilitation, employment, and housing. Another critical component of Bridges to the Future is the Local Care Team for Transition Age Youth (LCT-TAY) which will serve as a gateway for transition-aged youth to be connected to a wide range of services including high fidelity wraparound. Bridges will engage youth, young adults and their families in a culturally competent, trauma-informed manner to promote successful transitions into adulthood and into the community.

    Bridges to the Future anticipates accepting referrals in September-October 2017 and will send out communications for youth, young adults and their families, and agencies describing our progress, eligibility requirements, referral process, possible open solicitations, and upcoming events. For questions, please call or email Jessica Gibson, MS, LAPC the Data and Intake Manager for the Bridges for the Future SOC expansion at the Montgomery County Collaboration Council. (P) 301-354-4912 (F) 301-354-4911
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