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The staff of the Collaboration Council is dedicated to serving the community and incorporating your feedback into the programs and initiatives we create. If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or feedback that you want to share, please contact one of the staff members listed below at the main telephone number, 301.610.0147 or by email. If you don't know which staff member is best to handle your inquiry please ask the receptionist or email

Augusty Guevara, Susan
Resource Database Coordinator
Extension 218

Bailey, Leteria
Data and Training Assistant
Extension 222

Boland, Kathy
Resource Specialist
Extension 210

Breitenbach, Meg
Director, Finance
Extension 203

Cady, Debra
Systems of Care Interim Project Director
Extension 225

Church, Alicia
Administrative Specialist
Extension 200

Garza, Peter
Communications Coordinator
Extension 219

Gibson, Jessica
Data Analyst
Extension 212

Gironda, Charlotte
Executive Assistant
Extension 208

Hill, Hope
Manager, Children With Intensive Needs
Extension 209

Jenkins, Cheryl Lynn
Director, Data and Research
Extension 214

Johnson, Elaine
Community of Practice Director
Extension 204

Kaplan, April
Executive Director
Extension 215

Ridgely, Denise
Special Assistant to Deputy Director

Sobolov, Lynn
Deputy Director
Extension 213

Spriggs, Vernon
Prevention Coordinator
Extension 207

Stroup, Kathy
Project Director, ACE Academy
Extension 216

Wheeler, Jr., Elijah
Director, Social Justice
Extension 217